Gohar Vardanyan, Bloomington, IN, Nov 12, 2011

Hi folks. Sorry for the late notice!

Gohar Vardanyan, who was gracious to provide this blog with a fascinating Q&A, will be in Bloomington ‘today’ November 12th.

Here is the interview from the blog…

Gohar Vardanyan
Saturday November 12
Monroe County History Center
5:30 pm


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Sheet Music Viewing On My Droid Tablet

I am an impulse shopper.  Idle time in any electronic department of any store can lead to uncontrollable purchases of electronic equipment.  I will typically avoid these situations altogether by staying out of these stores.  Several months ago, I had a weak moment which led to a morning stroll to the neighborhood Target, not exactly a tech super-store but, I did find an electronic department and therein a beautiful Acer Droid Tablet.

To those of you who do not understand the attraction to tablets, in general, here are a few great things:

  • Relatively inexpensive.  The prices are hovering around $400; not exactly cheap but certainly not the $1200-2000 for a Mac or fully loaded gaming PC.
  • The Android platform allows for flash and java technology.  These technologies allows for all the really COOL content of the web.
  • The Acer tablet offers a USB jack, micro USB, micro HDMI out.  These are great and familiar ways of importing files.
  • Large, bright, display.

There are disadvantages too.  Mainly security issues.  Allowing the cool internet stuff also allows the bad malware stuff from those questionable web sites.

So, where to get the sheet music?  There are plenty of options online, both free, public domain and retail outlets.  The Android offers Amazon Kindle’s App which provides many titles for download.  However, some (if not most) of these titles are public domain and are available from other sites.  Such as:

  • Free Scores.com  Tony Wilkinson prepares many, many public domain scores into very nice, typeset files available for free.
  • Delcamp.net   Jean-François Delcamp offers the most active forum on classical guitar in the world.  Literally thousands of pages of sheet music.  The only requirement is to log in and participate in the forum.
  • Check out my Forums and Sheet Music Links page for many more sources.

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Los Angeles Guitar Quartet with Phil Proctor in Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote…, St Louis, October 19th, 2011

Thanks to St Louis Classical Guitar Society for the heads-up email!

The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote: Words and Music from the Time of Cervantes

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 8 pm at the Sheldon Concert Hall

“—-Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear the ever-popular Los Angeles Guitar Quartet in a totally new way: on Wednesday, October 19, they will present an innovative theatrical/musical work inspired by the timeless DON QUIXOTE!

—-With the brilliant comedian Phil Proctor (of Firesign Theatre fame), they’ll perform a three-act, multi-media show that illuminates the humor, pathos and surrealism of Cervantes’ novel.

—-Accompanying the virtuoso narrative (Mr. Proctor will portray more than a dozen characters) LAGQ will play William Kanengiser’s ingenious arrangements of Spanish Renaissance music, featuring many “greatest hits” of the Golden Age. In addition to this ambitious stage production, LAGQ will  also play some of their concert favorites, including Rossini’s “Barber of Seville” and Bizet’s “Carmen.”

—-Be a part of history!  The performance will be videotaped by Mel Bay Records for release as a commercial DVD.

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Johannes Möller, Columbus, OH, Oct 8, 2011

Johannes Möller will be continuing his GFA tour in Columbus Ohio.  The concert in Indianapolis was incredible.  Johannes offers a very entertaining and enlightening program with a touch of his creativity (by performing his own compositions).

Read my Q&A with Mr Moller

Read more about the Indianapolis program


When: Saturday, October 8 at 8:00pm

Where: Huntington Recital Hall, Capital University

$20 general admission | $15 for students, seniors and CGS members | Free with Capital Univ. ID

Tickets available at the door, or from CAPA (469-0939) and ticketmaster.com

For more information, call 614.561.9204

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Chaconne Klaverenga on Performance Today, Sept 29, 2011

Chaconne Klaverenga will be featured in this Thursday’s broadcast of Performance Today.  Chaconne has been featured several times on the Indiana Classical Guitar Blog as well as provided many recital concerts for the Indiana Society for the Classical Guitar as well as many more noteworthy appearances.

She is currently studying with Jason Vieaux at the  Cleveland Institute of Music.

 listen online. 

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Gruender / Agresti Duo (Guitar & Violin Duo), Indianapolis, IN, Sunday, Setp 25.

Mr Dave Gruender is the music librarian for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Guitarist, and longtime member of the Indiana Society for the Classical Guitar.  Mr. Gruender is offering a guitar / violin duo performance with Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, First Violin, Mr Gino Agresti.

The Duo has performed with the Indiana Classical Guitar Society this year and is prepping for extended concerts (hopefully) this year.  The ISCG concert performance was simply amazing.  The guitar and violin may a wonderful duo combination and sound incredible live.

When:  Sunday, September 25, 4 pm

Where:  Salem Lutheren Church Indy

Cost: Free

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Q&A with Johannes Möller

Winning the GFA is a huge accomplishment for any guitarist, obviously.  How long have pursued entering and winning the GFA contest?  What was the difference for you, last year?

I entered the competition twice before winning. I was not quite ready (to win).  The experience served as good preparation.  I improved each time.  One of the difficulties with the GFA competition is the (skill) level is so high.   And, what sets the GFA competition apart from other competitions is the competitors are given a new piece only 6 weeks in advance of the competition.   This new piece is to be learned and performed both in the preliminary round and the final round.  So, the difference for me is the preparation work.   I really spent a lot of time working on the set piece.   

Speaking of your compositions, what was this inspiration?  (when you were twelve) which prompted your outflow of pieces during this time?

I don’t remember what inspired me.  It came to me very natural.  I always like doing things in my own way and I often re arrange things in my head.  Later, I took a more academic theoretical approach.  I learned a lot (from this academic approach) but, I was also holding back my creative side.  About 5 years ago, I found a balance between pure creativity and structure in my music.

In your works what elements of composition does your music focus?  Can you describe your music’s style?

Let’s talk about my music from around 2006 when I wrote my piece for guitar and alto-flute “When The Winds Dissolve” which I, by the way, chose as my Op. 1 and leaving everything written prior behind. What is striking in this music is a strong eastern influence and the music is modal and the form is free with titles like “A Star in the Sky, A Universe Within…”.  I, for the first time, felt that I could express myself freely. One can critique this style for not using harmony in any greater way, but it was very important for me to go to something simple where the expression and not the construction is in focus. However, with time I am, piece by piece, moving in various directions.  My music is now more expressive in harmony and I am leaning more towards traditional forms. 

Due to intense travel schedules I am now working on short preludes.  I am planing to do one in each key, a total of 24.  I am limiting myself to simple formal structures where harmony is very much in focus and moving from the central key to a few parallel keys but nothing too adventurous. It has been very stimulating and the music is quite beautiful.

Obviously, the GFA tour is a whirlwind of travel and performances.  Have you experienced this level of touring before?  Have you any interesting road stories you can share?

This will be the longest tour I have ever done.   I have toured since I was quite young so I am not inexperienced in living life on the road.  The hard thing is to find time to practice and stay in good shape. Perhaps the most extreme experience was playing a concert in Bhutan (Tibet) right after having hiked the Himalayas all day.  I was really tired by my spirit was rejuvenated.

I have to ask, on your website pictures; Is that your dog?

Cassi lives with my father, but she is very much my dog as well!

Johannes’ Indianapolis GFA Tour Concert is presented here:


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