Forums and Sheet Music Links

Delcamp’s Classical Guitar Forum.

To me, the definitive location for classical guitar resources and opinion.  The site is free, however, it takes time and activity to be allowed to download content.  The music is then for your personal use and not to distribute.

Guitar Loot

A fascinating and very well done web site focusing on Renaissance, Baroque and Classical guitar music scores.  If you are new to classical guitar and need repertoire it is a must to visit this site.  Scores are available with the Scorch plugin; which allows the visitor to listen to the score and follow along.  Really nice for those of us who are just getting started.

Dirk’s Sheet Music

Very nice assortment of a variety of classical guitar repertoire.

Richard Yates’ Guitar Transcriptions

Here you will find the String Quartet Opus 26, Alla Muzarka movement No 3; requested by yours truly and kindly transcribed by Mr Yates.  Plus, gobs of other tasty scores.

The Classical Guitar Blog

A ‘real’ blog presented by Christopher Davis.  This site has an amazing array of interviews, lessons and posts.  Really worth exploring if you are a classical guitarist, hobbyist or professional.

Classical Guitar Blog # 2

Interesting blog with classical guitar happenings around the US and International.  So, can’t find it here, try this blog and you may.

Minami’s Guitar Transcriptions

Mr Cohey’s site is a wonderful reference.  I’ve played his Canon in D transcription and am working on several others… they aren’t for beginners.  Wonderful variety.  Unfortunately, the author is no longer posting scores.

more to follow…

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