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If you have a question, comment or event, please give me a shout and I’ll be happy to consider it for posting. Email to: enjoyfreshair @ yahoo dot com.

Feel free to sign up for email updates.  Just click on the Email Subscription link and provide your email.  I don’t manage the email list, per se.  WordPress makes it happen (they are great).  In this way, you can stay in touch with email updates on new postings.  Also, if you are familiar with RSS, an RSS feed is available too.

Why a blog about Classical Guitar? I’m missing too many great concerts!  I am a amateur player of the guitar who loves music.  I wanted a forum to post links to local concerts (within 5 hours drive from Indianapolis, home base) & provide classical guitar related information:

  • Concert Information:  who, where, when, how much, etc, etc
  • Concert synopsis.  Not a review (I am not a critic).  Describe the repertoire performed at the event. etc, etc
  • Q & A.  A great way for artists to share with the fan base.  It’s a lot of fun for ME too.
  • YouTube video links, Music resource links for featured artists.  Seems to make sense to provide as much detail on the artist as possible.
  • Links and classical guitar resources geared to beginners or advanced players.
  • Links to teachers, organizations, classical guitar societies, university departments, etc.  If you are interested in finding these folks in your area.
  • Of course, if I’m missing something… just let me know and I’ll post it.

There are many blogs which criticize performances and performers. This is NOT one of THOSE sites. This blog has a goal to remain positive in presenting feedback on the performance; not to simply criticize. Your concert may be included in the blog.  Just let me know about it (if I miss it).

As for me, I’m just a kid with a dream.  I’m no virtuoso.  I’m just a guy who enjoys playing a bit of guitar for friends and family.  I encourage you to do the same.  What good is playing the guitar if no one is around to enjoy it?

Consider the Source.  Winter 2011 recording project.

  1. #1 by Tim Peters on March 31, 2011 - 11:18 AM

    Great site! I may yet become a fan of the classical guitar. May make an offer on one of those guitars you own.

  2. #2 by Ray Jang on April 1, 2011 - 7:47 PM


    Super recordings in your Consider the Source posting!

    I can send you some jpgs and pdfs about our Cincinnati Trio, what is your email address?


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