Sheet Music Viewing On My Droid Tablet

I am an impulse shopper.  Idle time in any electronic department of any store can lead to uncontrollable purchases of electronic equipment.  I will typically avoid these situations altogether by staying out of these stores.  Several months ago, I had a weak moment which led to a morning stroll to the neighborhood Target, not exactly a tech super-store but, I did find an electronic department and therein a beautiful Acer Droid Tablet.

To those of you who do not understand the attraction to tablets, in general, here are a few great things:

  • Relatively inexpensive.  The prices are hovering around $400; not exactly cheap but certainly not the $1200-2000 for a Mac or fully loaded gaming PC.
  • The Android platform allows for flash and java technology.  These technologies allows for all the really COOL content of the web.
  • The Acer tablet offers a USB jack, micro USB, micro HDMI out.  These are great and familiar ways of importing files.
  • Large, bright, display.

There are disadvantages too.  Mainly security issues.  Allowing the cool internet stuff also allows the bad malware stuff from those questionable web sites.

So, where to get the sheet music?  There are plenty of options online, both free, public domain and retail outlets.  The Android offers Amazon Kindle’s App which provides many titles for download.  However, some (if not most) of these titles are public domain and are available from other sites.  Such as:

  • Free  Tony Wilkinson prepares many, many public domain scores into very nice, typeset files available for free.
  •   Jean-François Delcamp offers the most active forum on classical guitar in the world.  Literally thousands of pages of sheet music.  The only requirement is to log in and participate in the forum.
  • Check out my Forums and Sheet Music Links page for many more sources.
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