“Bach And Friends” Michael Lawerence Films Seeking PBS Underwriter Sponsers.

For those who know me, you may have heard me talk about the Michael Lawerence film documentary, Bach and Friends.  B&F is an in-depth look at the music of J.S. Bach, by musicians.  And, what a list of musicians are included!  From Bela Fleck to Bobby McFarrin… Edgar Meyer to Joshua Bell.  As a musician-type (hardly would call myself a musician), hearing the meaning of Bach’s music explained by these virtuosos is awe-inspiring.  Also, their performances are worth the price of the DVD alone.  Do yourself a favor and order a DVD OR, if you are feeling generous, pick up a copy of the DVD for your local library, school, etc.  It is a gem.

Of course my favorite scene, as you could probably guess, is the classical guitar of Manuel Barrueco.  http://www.mlfilms.com/productions/bach_project/manuel_barrueco

Michael is seeking donors for a PBS presentation of the B&F documentary.  I would like to see a major network pick it up!  But, alas… hopefully a donor will step up! and provide the funding for the nationwide broadcast.

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