John Alvarado & Ann Marie Parker, Columbus OH, June 11th.


John Alvarado and special guest, flamenco dancer Ann Marie Parker, will present a concert titled “The Spanish Guitar: From the Café to the Concert Hall” for the Columbus Society of the Classical Guitar.

Ann Marie Parker is a flamenco dancer from Bloomington. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater and Modern Dance at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN and also studied in New York City at the Martha Graham School, the Maggie Black Ballet Studio and Harkness Ballet School. She studied flamenco at the dance workshop Ensemble Espanol (Chicago, IL), the Maria Benitz Institute for Spanish Arts (Santa Fe, NM) and privately with Fina Moreno in Granada, Spain. She is currently the Contemporary Dance chair for the Bloomington, IN Chapter of the National Society of Arts & Letters (NSAL).

The concert will feature music showcasing the Spanish guitar and its blended history as both a folk and classical concert instrument. Repertoire will include traditional flamenco music and dance as well as classical pieces inspired by Spanish and Latin American folk and popular traditions.

Only $20 general admission / $15 for CGS members, students, or seniors! For tickets: CAPA at 614-469-0939 or For info: or 614-561-9204.

Traditional Flamenco W/ Ann Marie Parker, dance


Gerardo Tamez     (b.1948)

Aires de Son

I. Aire Istmeño

II. Quedo

III. Son Trunco

Traditional Flamenco W/ Ann Marie Parker, dance




José Luís Merlin    (b. 1952)

Suite del Recuerdos

I.  Evocacion

II.  Zamba

III. Chacarera

IV.  Carnavalito

V.  Evocacion

VI.  Joropo


Traditional Flamenco W/ Ann Marie Parker, dance





Fandangos de Huelva


João Pernambuco (1883-1947)


Francisco Tárrega   (1852-1909)

Adelita (Mazurca)


Recuerdos de la Alhambra

Traditional Flamenco W/ Ann Marie Parker, dance


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