In Review, Tom Tudek, Video “Guitar by Koshkin” from February 2011 Recital.

Mr Tudek brought three musicians with him to perform a fascinating set of solos and duos including flute, voice and guitar duos.  An outstanding and entertaining program, indeed.

Recital Set List:

Guitar Nikita Koshkin
(b. 1956)

Thomas Tudek, guitar

Five Pieces for Flute and Guitar Thomas Tudek
1. Stratibande (b. 1971)
2. Mechanolique
3. Interlude—4. Lament
4. Folk Song

Jodi Sowers, flute and Thomas Tudek, guitar

Five Songs on the Poems Dusan Bogdanovic
by Gabriela Mistral (b. 1955)

1. Suavidades
2. País de la ausencia
3. La medianoche
4. La extranjera
5. Meciendo

Elisabeth Honn, soprano and Thomas Tudek, guitar

from Three Serbian Dances Uroš Dojčinović
1. Čarlama K’olo (b. 1959)
2. Pašona K’olo
Thomas Tudek and Maja Radovanlija, guitar


Thème, varié et finale Manuel Maria Ponce

Maja Radovanlija, guitar

Tres Piezas de Otoño Máximo Diego Pujol

1. Arbolado (b. 1957)
2. Sombrío
3. Avenida Centenario

Thomas Tudek and Maja Radovanlija, guitars

Four Works for voice and guitar Ernesto Cordero

1. Zenobia (b. 1946)
2. La Hija del viejo Pancho
3. Cadencia
4. El viaje definitivo

Elisabeth Honn, soprano

from Histoire du Tango Astor Piazzolla

2. Café 1930 (1921-1992)
3. Nightclub 1960

Jodi Sowers, flute and Thomas Tudek, guitar

Jongo for Two Guitars Paulo Bellinati
(b. 1950)

Thomas Tudek and Maja Radovanlija, guitars

Q&A with Tom Tudek

Congratulations on your performance.  For those readers who may not know, you are a gifted composer.  How long have you been composing for guitar?
Thank you. Glad you liked them. I’ve been composing off and on ever since I picked up the guitar but I don’t really consider myself a prolific composer, particularly when it comes to the guitar. It’s a very personal instrument to me and I find it difficult to compose for. I do, however, draw upon various features of the guitar when I write, such as chordal shapes and other idiomatic features, and then apply them to other instruments. And for the guitar, I try to do the opposite.

The program for your recital was very interesting and, I might add, looks like a lot of effort to put together.  I’m not sure I’ve heard of and certainly have not attended a recital with three duos: guitar+voice, guitar+guitar, guitar+flute.  Have you performed another recital like this before?
Not quite like this but I do remember one time, by accident really, back while completing my Masters degree at Illinois State University. It was a guitar ensemble concert along with some graduate chamber music requirements needing met. Before I realized it, I was playing a part in every single work on that concert. It .was. quite a challenge. I do love, however, the variety and diversity that only chamber music can provide and definitely well worth the effort.

Let me ask you about your chamber music duos: Duo Tiente with guitarist Maja Radovanlija and vocalist Duo Enamorado with Dr. Elisabeth Honn.   How long have you been rehearsing together and any plans for recitals or media releases?
Maja and I have been good friends for several years as we both entered IU-Bloomington in the same year. We’re always looking for reasons and opportunities to be able to play together more often.
Performing with Elisabeth as Duo Enamorado has been an absolute joy for me in the past 1 1/2 years. We are currently selecting works for our second full-length program which some Sor may be a part along with perhaps a traditional Christmas program for recording this coming year.

I am a huge Fernando Sor fan, so I am hoping for you and Elisabeth to tackle Sor’s Guitar / Voice compositions! 

Not to leave out Ms Jodi Sowers on Flute.  The flute and guitar combination is a favorite of mine and many fans.  Any plans on a third duo commitment?  Additional performances?

If I could handle yet another duo, I would. This was the first time that Jodi and I have performed together and we are both really enjoying it. * just an aside:  would love to hear Giuliani’s Flute Guitar duos live…
I know she’d love to do some Giuliani, I’ll have to bring it up with her.
Monday April 11th at 7:30pm is the next scheduled performance. It’s a Faculty Artist Series concert entitled “Dynamic Duos” at the University of Indianapolis. Jodi and I will be repeating our program from Feb. (Piazzolla and my compositions) and Maja and I will be playing the two Serbian Folk Dances along with a traditional Macedonian arranged folk song.


This video is from Tom’s recital from February 2011 sponsored by the Indiana Society for the Classical Guitar.  Recorded by Yours Truly.

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